Solar Panels for UK Homes and Businesses

Solar panels are at the forefront of renewable energy generation across the globe.

From small-scale domestic solar panel set-ups through to sprawling commercial solar panel installations – the sun’s rays are being harnessed to create free electricity without negatively impacting upon the environment.

When it comes to solar panels in the UK, there is an added incentive to investing in solar panel installation – the Feed in Tariff system

The UK Government has pledged to have 7 million homes using solar power by 2020 and in order to make this ambition reality they established the feed in tariff: which states that those who produce their own power through renewable means earn money for every unit they generate – whether they use it or sell it back to the national grid.

This system guarantees earnings for at least 20 years at a set rate which makes solar panels not only an environmentally ethical investment but also one which yields a high return on investment with virtually zero risk.

Here at Solar Choice, we are expert solar panel installers who specialise in the installation of solar PV systems for both home and commercial use. We are fully accredited as a solar panel installation company by MCS and the Renewable Energy Association and our fully trained staff are always on hand to provide information and advice on all aspects of solar panel installation, the feed-in tariff and solar PV in general.

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